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138 Syrian Organizations Call for a Comprehensive and Non-Discriminatory Response to Deadly February 6 Earthquakes

Concerned entities must take action to guarantee that all quake-hit areas, without exception, have access to relief operations and humanitarian aid and that aid delivery is not hampered or blocked by any political or military party

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In the early hours of 6 February 2023, a massive earthquake hit several areas in Syria and Turkey, prompting a humanitarian catastrophe as indicated by the initial assessment of the devastation. Situation overviews confirmed the urgent need for a comprehensive rescue and relief operation in all affected Syrian areas, especially those located in the northern and northwestern parts of the country.

However, several factors continue to endanger survivors and complicate rescue efforts. In addition to the large-scale destruction caused by the earthquake and the harsh wintry weather, the complex political and military situation in Syria—whereby several of the hit areas remain controlled by different military entities, has prevented rescue teams from entering these areas and deprived their suffering populations of sufficient life-affirming aid. Desperate in the face of the calamity, civilians have taken matters into their own hands in the province of Idlib, Afrin’s district of Jindiris, and various Aleppo neighborhoods. Depending on the little resources they have, civilians are digging for the hundreds of people struggling for their lives under rubble and collapsed buildings, especially as efforts by several local rescue and emergency organizations continue to be stretched beyond capacity.

Considering the current state of affairs, the international community, regional states, and actors in Syria are obliged to use all land and air routes to immediately deliver humanitarian assistance and deploy rescue crews to afflicted areas. Further delays threaten only to worsen the humanitarian conditions in these areas, which are already struggling with the woes of the ongoing conflict and consequent lack of life-saving resources.

Notably, the Syrian and Turkish governments and the Ankara-backed factions—active in northern Syria’s hit areas that Turkey occupies—bear the primary responsibility for facilitating aid deliveries, ensuring the deliveries are not hampered or blocked, and guaranteeing that aid is fairly distributed. Notably, noncompliance with these obligations is a blatant violation of humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law.

As the full scale of the disaster continues to unfold, the undersigned Syrian organizations express their solidarity with the earthquake victims across Syria, extend their deepest condolences to bereaved families, and wish the injured a fast recovery. Additionally, considering the restrictions imposed on rescue efforts and aid deliveries, the undersigned organizations demand that:

  1. The U.S. government use its influence to press regional countries and parties in the Syrian conflict to deliver aid without further delays through border crossings in northwestern and eastern Syria, including the al-Yarubiyah/Tal Koçer crossing, which can operate as a delivery conduit to remaining hit areas.
  2. Parties in the Syrian conflict and various authorities across the country, as well as the Turkish government, cease hostilities and allow relief teams and humanitarian aid to reach all affected areas without exception and not obstruct or prevent aid deliveries, whether coming from abroad or from the rest of the Syrian regions.
  3. States neighboring Syria, including Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iraqi Kurdistan, open border crossings for aid deliveries and rescue teams, and ease heavy machinery entry measures.
  4. The United Nations (UN) deploy first responders and humanitarian aid to affected areas, as well as contribute to search efforts for people still missing under the rubble.
  5. The Turkish government:
  • Cooperate with the local, national, and international authorities to deliver aid to affected areas, expedite rescue efforts to save people trapped under debris, and take all necessary protection measures to ensure the safety of populations in the areas it occupies;
  • Grant medical and relief teams access to the affected areas, lead response efforts, and warrant the entry of wounded Syrians to Turkish territories through the borders.

Organizations and Associations Signing the Statement:
  1. Act for Afrin
  2. Adil Center For Human Rights
  3. Afrin Platform
  4. Afrin Post Network
  6. Ajyal Organization for Development
  7. Al-Ahd
  8. Al-Asil Association for Development
  9. Alghaith For Development
  10. Al-Hasakah Organization for Relief and Deve
  11. Al-Khaboor Association
  12. Allied for peace
  13. Al-Raja Organization for Relief and Development
  14. Alriyf Organization
  15. Alzajel Organization
  16. Amal for development
  17. Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization
  18. Arak of East organization
  19. Aras Charity
  20. Areej organization development
  21. ASHNA for Development
  22. Ashti Center for Building Peace
  23. Association Culturelle Kurde de Genève
  24. Assyrian society for helping and development
  25. Ayadi Moubsera Organization
  26. Baladna organization for civil society
  27. Balsam Center For Health Education
  28. Better Hope for Tabqa
  29. Better Tomorrow organization
  30. Bridges of peace for development
  31. CLEMENCY Organization
  32. Community Solidarity Organaization
  33. M Organization for Development
  34. DAN for Relief and Development
  35. DARI
  36. Demos
  37. Diaa Al-Amal Association for people with special needs
  38. Dijla Organization for Development and Environment
  39. DOZ
  40. Ebdaa Organization for Development
  41. Edraak Organization For Development  and peace
  42. Ella Organization For Development and Peacebuilding
  43. Emaar Mansura
  44. Environment and Water Association
  45. Eternity
  46. Euphrates for Relief and Development
  47. Euphrates Hope Organization
  48. Ezdina Organization
  49. Faidh development organization
  50. Fajr Organization
  51. Fazaa for Syria Campaign
  52. FDO – Inmaa al Fourat
  53. For Feminist Organization
  54. For Them Organisation
  55. Free lawyers Bar
  56. Freedom Defense Center
  57. Friends Charity Association
  58. Future Hands Organization Abdo Habash
  59. Green Tress
  60. Green Women’s Association
  61. Haneen Alfurat
  62. Happy Land
  63. Hevy for relief and development
  64. Hope Makers
  65. Hope without Limit
  66. House of Citizenship Organisation
  67. Human Hope Team
  68. Human Rights organization Afrin- Syria
  69. Human rights organization in al-Jazeera
  70. Jan center for special needs
  71. Jasmine Association
  72. Jian Charity Association
  73. Jomard Organization for Construction and Development
  74. Khayr charity
  75. Khutwa association
  76. Kurdish Swiss Alliance
  77. Lamsat alkhier for relief and davelopment
  78. Lasting Peace organization
  79. LÊLÛN Association for Victims
  80. Lights For Development and Construction
  81. Mahabad Organisation for Human rights MOHR
  82. Malva For Arts and culture
  83. Manara Organization
  84. Mary Association for Culture, Arts and Environment
  85. Mitan Center for the Revival of Civil Society
  86. Mitra for Researches and Human Rights
  87. Multka Alnhren Organisation
  88. Nabd Team
  89. Nawat
  90. Nawras development organization
  91. North and East Syria mine action office
  92. Nujin Society for Development Community
  93. Okaaz
  94. Organization of Zagon
  95. Oxygen Shabab
  96. Peace and Civil Society Center
  98. PÊL- Civil Waves
  99. Purity
  100. Qadar
  101. Qudwa organisation
  102. Ras al-Ain/Serê Kaniyê Platform
  103. Reng for development
  104. Rights Defense Initiative organization/ RDI
  105. Roj Kar for relief and development
  106. RojHilat for Relief and Development
  107. Rose
  108. Roya
  109. Sanad Humanitarian Organization
  110. Sara organization to combat violence against women
  111. Sawaed Organization for Development
  112. SCSD
  113. Sel Development Organization
  114. Shams Organization for Rehabilitation and Development
  115. Share for community develooment
  116. Shawishka association for women
  117. Slav organization for civil activities
  118. Stability Support Centre
  119. Swaedna Organization for Relief and Development
  120. Synergy Association for Victims
  121. Syria Center for Development
  122. Syria Help Organization
  123. Syrian Cancer Society
  124. Syrians for Truth and Justice – STJ
  125. Taa marbouta
  126. TARA
  127. Tel-Abyad Forum for civil society
  128. The four seasons
  129. Tomorrow
  130. Totol foundation for Relief and Development
  131. Tree of Life
  132. VdcNsy
  133. Vision
  134. Watan movement
  135. Wheat & Olive Platform
  136. Women of hope
  137. Yasna Organization
  138. Zameen for development and peacebuilding

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