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What we do in Synergy- Hevdestî

Synergy does the following:

A. Issues publications;
  1. News: which is based on facts and realities and aims at a wide readership inside and outside Syria.
  2. Human rights thematic reports: which dig deep in specific topics or issues, with the citation of abundant statements, testimonies and information.
  3. Stories and statements: which are personal narratives told by women and men who suffered human rights violations or abusive acts.
  4. Press releases: in this category you can find all statements issued by the Organization itself or jointly with other Syrian or international organizations.
B. Building a database;

Synergy” seeks to build and archive a database of individual violations substantiated by numbers and statistics, to be used in advocacy areas.

C. Building capacity;

In an effort to develop individuals’ and community skills, “Synergy”, alone or jointly with other Syrian and international organizations, will work on building the capacity of victims in order to ensure an equal place for them all in the Syrian common narrative to be constructed.

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