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Foundational Statement of Hevdestî Association (Taazour)

Through documentation and evidence collection, Hevdestî (Taazour) will contribute to creating the collective Syrian narrative

by bassamalahmed
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Through documentation and evidence collection, Hevdestî (Taazour) will contribute to creating the collective Syrian narrative.

Recognizing the importance of solidarity and coordination between the victims themselves, individuals and groups, to achieve justice and protect rights, we—a group of Syrian male and female activists from various social and cultural backgrounds, declare the foundation of Hevdestî Association (Taazour), to address rights and affairs of the victims of the Turkish military offensives in northeastern Syria.

The association is founded in response to the violations that corresponded to or followed Operation Peace Spring, aiming to redress the grievances of the victims, who witnessed these atrocities, particularly victims of forced displacement; to work to help all the area’s residents have equal rights to preserving their properties; to guarantee the return of displaced persons to their original places of residence and restore their confiscated properties. 

Hevdestî Association (Taazour) shall document all human rights violations, regardless of the perpetrators, record and save evidence, documents and testimonies, to contribute to efforts seeking accountability; repatriation; and revealing the truth, and to complement former similar work done by Syrian and international organizations over the course of the Syrian conflict. This we will do to help build a collective Syrian narrative. 

Hevdestî Association (Taazour) aims to support local voices, of different leanings, and cooperate with them, as well as establish a platform that helps the victims to represent themselves by themselves and also demand their own rights. These were among the key objectives discussed during the association’s foundational meetings. 

Diversity in Syria, particularly north and northeastern regions, reinforces Hevdestî/Taazour’s guiding idea. That is the necessity of coexistence between all Syrian Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Syriac, Chechen, Circassian, and Turkmen citizens, on the grounds of equal citizenship rights and duties.


March 2021

Hevdestî Association (Taazour) for the Victims of Turkish Military Offensives in Northeastern Syria

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